We love to find vegan brands and we are so grateful they exist to make our lives happier and worry free! Starting this Tuesday we're going to do Vegan-mendation, as the name suggests, vegan (recom)mendation! We have so many wonderful vegan companies that we love and we are so excited to share them with you all because we love to share the vegan love! We hope in doing so we can help support fellow vegan companies and help you make the vegan choice an easier one!

If you want beautiful sexy hair without all the harmful chemicals (sulfates and parabens) and a promise to never test on animals, try @renpure. They only test their products on the Redmonds, which is the family that owns Renpure. We love to know that the hair products we use are good for us, good for the environment, and cause no harm to the animals. Thank you for giving us the vegan choice!

Do you have any vegan brand that you love and want to see us feature? Leave a comment and let us know! #veganmendation

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