Welcome to YAZAHI, we are a cruelty-free fashion company that has a dream of improving human and animal lives by spreading messages of kindness on unique designs. We source our designs from the best artists around the world to create beautiful apparels that customers like you would love. At YAZAHI, we live by a simple motto, "Make Love Not War", it is through peace, love, and unity that we create a better world for everyone.

We hope through our designs we are able to encourage and spark positive change in others that would like to live a cruelty-free lifestyle. We believe the messages on our apparels would resonate with the global community and bring out the good in the hearts of many.

For each purchase, YAZAHI donates part of the proceeds to dedicated non-profit charities that support the related causes. Through wearing our designs you stand up for matters close to your heart and support organizations that are making a difference on our planet.

FUN FACT: YAZAHI is not a foreign language, our name is created by combining the Japanese words "Vegetable"="Yasai" and "Kind"="Yasashī".

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